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for Texas House - District 56


I am a lawyer, a mother, a wife, and an owner of two small businesses here in Central Texas. I have been a Texas bankruptcy attorney for nearly 40 years and have tirelessly advocated for more than 6,000 Central Texans during some of the most difficult times in their lives. I know how to listen to folks, understand their issues and then fight for them in Court. For nearly 4 decades, I have been an advocate for Texans across Waco and McLennan County, and I’m ready to continue to fight for them in Austin. 


Our current representative has been in office for over 14 years. After a deadly winter storm and two years of a pandemic, we can't afford to wait for a representative who will advocate for Waco and McLennan County. We deserve better.

I am running for the Texas House because I believe that all Texans deserve a safe place to live, strong infrastructure, good schools, access to affordable health care and the opportunity for a good job.



Fixing The Grid

This February, an estimated 700 Texans died in the winter storm. 10 years ago, the Texas House and Senate were warned that a catastrophic storm of this size would cause our electrical grid to fail. Our current Representative, Doc Anderson, ignored the warnings and voted against weatherizing our electrical grid. This last session of the legislature, by all reports, Doc Anderson and the Texas Legislature did not sufficiently invest in weatherizing our systems to prevent another catastrophe. Anderson also voted to push the financial cost of the February electrical freeze on us, by increasing the costs of our electricity bills each month. This is simply inexcusable. McLennan County deserves a representative who will fight to ensure a catastrophe like this never happens again.

Bringing our tax dollars back
to our district

I believe our current representative has not passionately and aggressively represented McLennan County. When elected, I will be a visible presence here and in Austin and bring our hard-earned tax dollars back to McLennan County. I will listen to my community to understand in greater detail what our district needs from Austin, and then fight for those needs in the Texas House of Representatives.

Rural Broadband

Access to fast and reliable internet is essential for every resident in our district. Nearly every aspect of modern life now requires internet connection— whether it’s running a business, attending school, or staying in touch with family over Zoom. However, so many Texans do not have access to this vital resource because they live in rural communities, or the cost is prohibitive. It’s time for the state of Texas to expand rural broadband and that will be one of my main priorities when elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

Advocating for Disability rights

All people in our district deserve an advocate who will fight for their rights. I've spent the last twenty four years taking on health insurance companies on behalf of my daughter, Rachel, who was born with Down Syndrome, epilepsy, and a set of bad lungs. She has been hospitalized 63 times during her life. I have seen the good and the bad of our healthcare system up close. I have learned how to push government agencies to get what she needs. When elected, I plan to be a strong advocate for health care and disability rights in our district and our state.  

The Rights of Women and Children

COVID-19 has deepened gender inequality across the country. Amid pandemic lockdowns, women’s and girls’ unpaid care work has risen dramatically due to stay-at-home orders, the closure of schools and childcare facilities, and increased elder care responsibilities. We continue to witness violence against women, a slow dismantling of reproductive health services, and the failure to help children living in Texas’ foster care system. McLennan County deserves an advocate who will address structural policy change to ensure women and children find full recovery and economic security.

Erin Shank and her daughter Rachel

Erin and her daughter, Rachel